Musically Speaking

“I so enjoyed your music…you have a beautiful voice and a great gift for writing songs…You have such a sweet Godly spirit and an amazing testimony that I know God is using in a powerful way!!!” Lysa TerKeurst, President of Proverbs 31 Ministries, Charlotte, NC

“Laurie is inspiring in her presentation.”
Dave Moody, Producer, Lamon Records, Nashville TN

“Laurie is a trained vocalist. She knows who she is.”
John Rees, Owner, GodsChild Records, Nashville TN

“Laurie’s voice has an honest and beautiful quality that can touch a person’s heart to the very core.”
Erica Lane, Recording Artist/Singer/Songwriter,    Nashville, TN

Laurie’s music can also be accessed on, so check out her profile and listen to her music there!

Laurie’s Music/Talk for Sale
(Digital Downloads)

Laurie Elmore Thompson $10.00   

  1. Lord, I Believe In You
  2. In Heaven’s Eyes
  3. Mama Who You Talkin’ To
  4. People Need The Lord
  5. More Precious
  6. Amazing Grace
  7. As The Deer
  8. El-Shaddai
  9. Galilee
  10. Written in Red
  11. Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul

He Is Faithful $10.00 

  1. I Sing
  2. Yes, Jesus Loves Me
  3. Somethin’ for Nothin’
  4. Little Things
  5. He is Faithful
  6. I Can
  7. God is Bigger
  8. Godly Woman
  9. For Your Glory

Laurie’s Talk – “Count It All Joy” $10.00

7 Tracks – ~2 hours



Combo Deal:
Laurie Elmore Thompson + He Is Faithful
2 Albums for $18.00




Combo Deal:
Laurie Elmore Thompson + Laurie’s Talk: “Count It All Joy”
2 Albums for $18.00




Combo Deal:
He Is Faithful + Laurie’s Talk: “Count It All Joy”
2 Albums for $18.00




Best Deal:
Laurie Elmore Thompson + Laurie’s Talk: “Count It All Joy”
3 Albums for $25.00

3 Responses to Musically Speaking

  1. Colonel Ben Pittman says:

    I am working with Travis to have you speak to our Rotary Club in December, and I am very excited about the opportunity to meet you. I have heard about you through Wayne, Kim, and Travis who my wife, Linda, worked with for years at Merrill Lynch. I am a retired Air Force officer and the membership chairman at our Rotary Club. We are small (20-25), but I will do my best to have one of our best turn-outs. The grits at Soby’s are real good, so I hope you come hungry. I will definitely buy your tapes – I love your voice. As a Christian, I stand in awe of your ability to touch others. God bless.


  2. David L. (Dave) McKee says:

    Laurie, I got your website from the back of your book and decided to make a visit. It is a well–done website. I really am enjoying your book. (Slow reader!!) I pick it up every change I get, though. I miss seeing you at AIM, but I know you’re enjoying teaching music. Just saw the Independent Mail article this afternoon, but haven’t read it yet. Perhaps tomorrow.
    Laurie, we usually have a fifth Sunday night singing at Eureka Baptist church. Most of the time we use our local singers. Sometime we have singers come in to a 45+ minute concert. I would like to have you come one of those nights next year. We do not have this type program in our limited budget and usually have the singers come on a love offering basis. That would include CD sales, and in your case book sales. I would have to get this approved by the Pastor, of course. The next 5th Sunday is January 29, 2012. Then April, July, September and December.
    Please advise what conditions under which you would come, and if you have any 5th Sunday’s available in 2012.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    God bless you and yours,
    In Him,
    Dave McKee
    Minister of Music

  3. David L. (Dave) McKee says:

    Hi Laurie. Great Website and great book. Enjoyed knowing more.
    Laurie, I would like to have you come to Eureka Baptist Church and so a 45+ minute concert/testimony. We don’t have such in our budget and usually offer a love offering pgm. Plus selling your CDs and, Book in your case tht evening. The next 5th Sunday evening service is Jan. 29, 2012. Then April, July, September, and December. Do you have any of these dates open. I would have to get approval from the Pastor, of course.
    Please advise what your requirements are and dates of availability. I would love to have you
    God continue to bless your Ministry,

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