The Marital Status Box

As I went to have a routine doctor’s appointment today, I was handed the typical clipboard with those papers which always need to be filled out, signed, confirmed, etc.

As I was checking those little boxes, I came to the section on marital status with the following options: single, divorced, married. I fall into that last category but I thought to myself, “I’m not SIMPLY married! I’m HAPPILY married!”

Well, that was not one of the options to check, so you know what I did? I wrote it in myself! Happily Married! That is what I feel in my heart after 20 years, so that is what I am going to say!

Who knows what kind of an impact that attitude can have on others? It may just be the start of an incredible conversation where I can tell someone WHO gives me that happiness and perfect joy and WHO blessed me with my marriage anyway!

Have you thought “outside of the box” today? I challenge you to do so!

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2 Responses to The Marital Status Box

  1. Linda says:

    Here! Here! I too am happily married! (It hasn’t always been that way but what I blessing when you esteem marriage as God would have us do so.)

    Recently I filled out a similar form. In the occupation box I wrote:
    Wife, Mom and Business owner

    The doctor commented on the order – my reply – for a balanced and healthy life this order must be maintained. I then mentioned that the foundation was the Lord. He then changed the topic.

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